10 Nuggets of Learning To Live By

I’m learning to write down all my learning experiences so I get to be reminded when I review my journal. So far, here’s what I’ve compiled.

 1. When you are born to stand out, you will always be noticed even when you keep quiet. Some people will like you, but some will not. And that’s okay.

2. Your uniqueness is what makes you beautiful. And what makes you beautiful sets you apart from the things that are not. So, it’s okay to be different. 

3. People will always have something to say against you. Sometimes, they’re pleasant. Other times, they’re painful. But whenever you get the latter, it’s not advised that you dwell on them, wallow in sadness, or even fight against them. They are just noise in music, so just ignore. If you keep barking at every tree you see along the way, you will never get to your destination. So, choose your battles.

4. Success doesn’t always have a great beginning. Just because you had an awful start doesn’t mean you’ll end up failing. Sometimes, a not-so-good start, so long as you work hard and smart, will lead you to a successful ending.

5. When you feel like you don’t belong, God sends certain people to make you feel that you do. That’s His comfort embracing you.

6. You can never give what you don’t have. It’s hard to minister to people when you are in pain. But in God’s mission, it’s never about you nor your emotions. It’s all about Jesus and His glory. Build relationships. Never stop reaching out. God will renew your strength each day and His grace will be sufficient for the day.

7. In the midst of your tears and pain, God’s comfort and love will be made evident. Cry if you must. But never let the pain steal the beauty of your future. Freshen up, put some blush on, wear your crown, and face the crowd with a smile. Not everyone will be pleased, but someone will surely be happy to see you thriving. 

8. Elegance is something that not all people can afford. If you have it, keep it. And be careful that you don’t lose it.

9. When it comes to fashion, you don’t have to follow the mainstream. Have your own style. Have your own trademark.

10. A lot of people would want to see you tremble. They will try hard to break you but they will never see you fall. They will break your bones but you will never falter. Just keep going. I know you will thrive. Not just because you can, but because you will.

Subtle but bolder. Soft but fiercer. Sweet but wiser. Free-spirited but more intentional. Spontaneous but more cautious. Bolder. Better. On fire.


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