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A Toast for a New Season

Yes, I lost a fight. And my world was devastated knowing that no matter how hard I tried to win, I was still at the losing end. Yet, I will still raise my glass of wine to celebrate. Ironic, isn’t it? Why am I celebrating when I didn’t even win?

It’s because not all defeats are a loss. Not all lost fights are to be mourned and wept. Sometimes, a lost fight or a tragic end means a beautiful beginning for something better. And that is what I am celebrating for. To those going through a breaking ending, cheers to a new and beautiful beginning! You may not understand for now why it had to end. But one day, you’ll be glad it did.

Ardys Gladden is a leadership and management business professional who loves to travel and write. This site is a library of stories from her life experiences that contain joys and tears, triumphs and lessons, and anything that you can definitely relate to and/or learn from. Stories of hope and love, her imperfections and God's grace.

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