A Traveler’s Nuggets of Learning

I just had another travel last weekend and it taught me one big lesson I will never forget: LIVE WITH WHAT YOU HAVE AND EVEN WITH WHAT YOU DON’T HAVE.

1. No luxury of options. I wanted to eat veggies along with my rice meal and I was surprised that there were no veggies available in our homestay considering it’s a province. I realized that I had to be content with what’s served on the table.

2. Inconvenience creates the character.

a. No accessibility to stores. I didn’t bring my shampoo and conditioner (due to no more space in my bag) and I just planned to buy from any store in the area. It turns out that the store was half a km away from our homestay and the only way to go there is by foot. I realized that convenience doesn’t have to be your best friend all the time. You learn more when you’re inconvenienced.

b. Hotel preferences. We had to find a good but affordable accommodation and gladly, we found a very wallet-friendly hotel but the place is not recommendable for those who want a conveniently clean, comfortable room with complete amenities. I realized that when I travel, at times I may need to compromise and give up my preferences on my own necessities or wants. I am privileged to have resources to travel when others don’t even have a privilege of a good shelter.

3. Travel with a purpose. I got the chance to interact with the locals and listened to their stories. And I saw their need for a Saviour. It dawned on me that I wanted to be a channel of hope and love. I want to travel and let people remember not my name, but the name of the God whom I serve.

I praise God for His wisdom and learning even for the smallest things. He gave me the grace to accept what I had and did not desire for what I didn’t have. I wouldn’t have enjoyed my trip if I let my heart despair for the things I wanted according to my preferences. I don’t travel to be served and treated like a queen. I travel to immerse with the locals and try to live the way they live during my stay, learn their culture, and share Jesus’ love.

In life, we tend to forget how privileged we are until we get to see and experience how less privileged other people are, yet they are blessed with a joyful heart.

I have more learning experiences to share and wonderful stories to tell. This is the beauty of traveling. You just don’t gain experience. You gain character.

Subtle but bolder. Soft but fiercer. Sweet but wiser. Free-spirited but more intentional. Spontaneous but more cautious. Bolder. Better. On fire.

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