Broken Praises

My enemies are here and there
I’ve been running to hide
They all want me dead
And there’s no one at my side.
My feet are tired and weary
My voice is slowly fading
Oh Lord, where have You been?
Why have you been so silent lately?
My blood drippin’ in flame
I will call upon You, oh God only Your Name
When I’d be struck with sword
In my heart, I’d still keep Your Word.
Even in my wilderness,
Your Name will I still praise.
Even in my storm,
My love for you will still be a blaze.
Even when the enemy attacks,
My wounds will still worship You
My cries will sing You praises
And my tears will exalt You.
In my desperate cry and wounded knees
With a broken heart, I will hold on to what you said,
“My child, you do not realize now what I’m doing,
But later, you will understand.”
Written: 12/05/17 | 11:00 PM

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