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    10 Nuggets of Learning To Live By

    I’m learning to write down all my learning experiences so I get to be reminded when I review my journal. So far, here’s what I’ve compiled.  1. When you are born to stand out, you will always be noticed even when you keep quiet. Some people will like you, but some will not. And that’s okay. 2. Your uniqueness is what makes you beautiful. And what makes you beautiful sets you apart from the things that are not. So, it’s okay to be different.  3. People will always have something to say against you. Sometimes, they’re pleasant. Other times, they’re painful. But whenever you get the latter, it’s not advised…

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    Happy Merdeka Day, Malaysia!

    “You already have wings. All you need to do is fly”. The butterflies in the background of this picture reminded me of this quote I’ve come across online. It dawned on me, this is exactly what independence is all about. It’s about breaking free – like these hands successfully breaking the strings that bound her hands. It’s about freedom. Freedom from yourself, freedom from other people, and freedom with a purpose. Freedom from yourself is about being free from the fear that comes from within – your ugly past, the mistakes you’ve done, wrong decisions, and the hurts and pain. You are about to start a new chapter in life…