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    A Toast for a New Season

    Yes, I lost a fight. And my world was devastated knowing that no matter how hard I tried to win, I was still at the losing end. Yet, I will still raise my glass of wine to celebrate. Ironic, isn’t it? Why am I celebrating when I didn’t even win? It’s because not all defeats are a loss. Not all lost fights are to be mourned and wept. Sometimes, a lost fight or a tragic end means a beautiful beginning for something better. And that is what I am celebrating for. To those going through a breaking ending, cheers to a new and beautiful beginning! You may not understand for…

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    The Empty Cup

    THE EMPTY CUP I was at my favorite coffee shop for one last time and I ordered my usual drink, Matcha Green Tea, served hot. I was having my quiet time, thinking about what-ifs and could-have-been, trying to find answers to my unanswered questions. I was too consumed by these thoughts and I missed to notice that I have already finished my tea. Yet, I kept taking a sip even when it was already empty. And it happened several times. It seemed like my subconscious mind was somehow hoping and expecting that there was still something left but in reality, it has long been empty. And it dawned on me…