• Food Review: The Eighteen Characteristics (Chinese Resto)

    Restaurant: The Eighteen Characteristics It’s a Chinese restaurant located in Cheras, Malaysia. Their menu is written in Chinese and has no English translation. The crew was very helpful and friendly though in explaining the dishes to me in English even though he was having a hard time. It was truly an adventure because I went there alone, with no knowledge about the language. I could have chosen a diff resto but I decided to eat there. I was the only Filipino in that resto but I’m glad they never made me feel I was different. 😅 I guess, it’s about time for me to learn a new language. 😬 🏠…

  • The 3-in-1 Dish Tastes Amazingly Good

    This dish says “USA” on the menu so I was expecting something western taste, but when the food was served, it looks like a Filipino dish – YET it tastes like Indian food because of its spices. What a surprise! 😅 It should have been a 3-in-1 dish. It tastes sooo good though! The spicy flavor gives a distinct taste that makes every spoonful delightful. The honey lime is also a perfect treat before going to bed. 🙂 Location: ABC Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia