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“Finally!”, said the girl who just booked a ticket to London – a travel she’s been dreaming about. Same word we hear from the guy who just opened the door from the CEO’s office and got the promotion he’s been working on for years. A successful young woman arrived home after a decade also whispered the same word, seeing her parents and the house that has evolved while she was away. A guy who’s waiting at the altar, staring at her beautiful bride walking down the aisle, can’t help but shout to the whole world, “Finally!”. He’s going to marry the woman of his dreams who’s going to be the mother of his kids.

One word that expresses happiness and relief. Yes, I know. Because I said the same word just recently. And I’ve never been this happy.


Who would have thought that I would choose to jump off the cliff while the others chose to run? The decision is indeed life-changing. I know I should be nervous and feel lost, but I’m not. In fact, I’m happy and excited. Why did I choose to jump, by the way?

The journey in the forest was a mix of all seasons – winter, spring, summer, and fall. A new opportunity was given to me, the best I have yet to date, and it was an experience that others would envy. It was the spring season in my life. Along the way, I encountered wild beasts and fought them. I survived and still breathing but a lot of times, I got wounded, some of them had even left scars. And that was my fall season. I persevered and kept going. I received the warmest love, hugs, and kisses from the people around me. It was the hottest season in my life but the heat came from the burning love and support of the people who made me feel that I wasn’t alone in the forest and in the battle of the wild beasts. It was my summer season.

Now, winter came and I was supposed to go out and fight. I’d like to say that I’m a hunter and my job is to hunt and help other people. But the forces stopped me and bound me in chains. Never in my life, I felt so unempowered. I was thrown into a hole instead of building me up. And I thought to myself, this is not what I want to be. There is so much more I can do. I can fight and conquer the world.

I knew I had to do something. I needed to break free. The horizon seems like it’s calling out to me. And that was the defining moment when I decided to jump.

Sometimes, the hardest decision you make in life is also the one that’s worth it all. It doesn’t take a genius to realize you need to break the chains that bind you. But it takes tons of courage to execute the idea. Don’t let the chains limit your power. You can do so much more.

I was once scared to do it. But I know I had to. The night was long and the wind was the coldest. But I made it.

And I did it. Finally.

Ardys Gladden is a leadership and management business professional who loves to travel and write. This site is a library of stories from her life experiences that contain joys and tears, triumphs and lessons, and anything that you can definitely relate to and/or learn from. Stories of hope and love, her imperfections and God's grace.

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