Happy Merdeka Day, Malaysia!

“You already have wings. All you need to do is fly”. The butterflies in the background of this picture reminded me of this quote I’ve come across online. It dawned on me, this is exactly what independence is all about. It’s about breaking free – like these hands successfully breaking the strings that bound her hands. It’s about freedom. Freedom from yourself, freedom from other people, and freedom with a purpose.

Freedom from yourself is about being free from the fear that comes from within – your ugly past, the mistakes you’ve done, wrong decisions, and the hurts and pain. You are about to start a new chapter in life but you’re still carrying unnecessary baggage from the past. Abandon everything behind. If you take anything unnecessary towards the new journey, it will only slow you down. Remember that you have a race to run and a goal to achieve. Don’t get distracted. Focus.

Freedom from other people. If someone tells you that you are not good enough and it makes you feel like you’re not beautiful and worthy, remember that you are not defined by what someone or other people say about you. If you anchor your identity on people, you will always have unstable self-worth and confidence. Find an anchor that’s stable – one that doesn’t change, whose love never fails, never gives up, and never runs out on you. People will disappoint you, even when they try hard not to. But God never will. Anchor your self-worth on Him alone.

Jim Caviezel once said that “freedom exists not to do what you like, but having the right to do what you ought”. And that is what, I believe, I ought to do – to free myself from these chains that used to bind me – fear, lies, and purposeless life. One day, I will be sharing this story with someone who needs to hear it. I used to be a slave, but now I’m set free. I was once lost, but now I’m found. And probably, you are, too. Like the little butterfly who discovered its wings for the first time and learned that he can fly, he then won’t stop flying. You already have wings. All you need to do is fly. This time, bolder, fiercer, and on fire.

Happy Merdeka Day, Malaysia! (August 30)


Subtle but bolder. Soft but fiercer. Sweet but wiser. Free-spirited but more intentional. Spontaneous but more cautious. Bolder. Better. On fire.

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