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Please, Help!

Two words we utter whenever we desperately need someone to rescue. Two words that show we can no longer do it on our own. Two words that convey humility that our own strength is not enough to make it through. Only two words, but too powerful that those who can hear can sense the urgency. From a wounded knee to almost near death experience, these are the same words we shout when at one moment in our lives, we finally surrender our own pride and realize that someone needs to come over and save us.

People may shout whenever they utter these words. Others may cry and panic. They may say the words repeatedly until someone comes and rescue them. But when I came to a point that I had to say these words, I didn’t have enough energy left to shout. I was too exhausted that the only thing I could do was look up and bend my knees while I whispered, “Please… help…”


It was one of those times when circumstances tested my character. When things were not really going well and my patience was wearing thin. Trials kept coming without prior notice and they even came when I was at my weakest.

I tried to endure the pain for so long. I made myself believe that things would change eventually and the sufferings would soon end. But the burden had become heavier each day that I could no longer carry them.

Until I lost all my strength to fight, I found myself on my knees. It was time to raise the white flag. Time to give up myself and allow someone to fight the battle for me. Time to surrender my will and my plans. Time to let the Saviour do His part.

Until we utter these two words, we will never realize that we are just mere mortals that strength and power will run out in time. Our own abilities are not enough to control things the way we want them to be. That moment when we utter these words will give us inner joy and peace that someone Higher is the One in control. That He is sovereign and that His plans are higher and greater than ours. And great things will be unleashed when we get the courage to let these words come out.

As soft as a whisper, God hears every sincere heart that pleads those words. Make these words a weapon. That in every battle we fight, may it be whisper or shout, God listens when we say, “Please help!”

Ardys Gladden is a leadership and management business professional who loves to travel and write. This site is a library of stories from her life experiences that contain joys and tears, triumphs and lessons, and anything that you can definitely relate to and/or learn from. Stories of hope and love, her imperfections and God's grace.

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