SIARGAO – Why It’s Everyone’s Runaway Island

📍Have you ever been cast away on an island? Sure, you haven’t! But you can run away to an island to take a break. I know you’re tired. So, take a leave and have a fresh start.

📍Named as Best Island in Aisa, Siargao offers a sweet escape from the city life – a perfect time-off to refresh your mind, body, and soul.

📍And I hate to break it to you, but Siargao is more than just surfing. No wonder, every traveler dreams to go to this island. Now, I don’t have to say, “I heard Siargao is beautiful.” Siargao is, indeed, more than beautiful. I can tell. Coz I’ve been there. 🥰💕


🌞 3D3N (3 Days, 3 Nights) but a total of 5 days including the land travel back and forth Davao-Siargao. If you want to achieve just 3D2N schedule, I recommend booking a flight instead. However, you’d surely lack 3 days once you’re on the island. 😉

Day 0 9pm – departure to Surigao
Day 1 11am – departure to Siargao
Day 2 – Inland Tour
Day 3 – Island hopping/Other Tour
Next day – departure to Surigao, then Davao

✈️ Flights are available both from Davao City and Manila starting points going to Siargao.

❗️NOTE: For this itinerary, our starting point is Davao City by land.
🔰 Davao – Butuan – Surigao – Siargao
🔰 Davao – Surigao – Siargao

✔️Day 0
🚌 Davao – Butuan
Sched: 9pm, Ecoland Bus Terminal
6-7 hours (Nonstop)
Fare: 600
*Subject to change without prior notice

🚌 Butuan – Surigao
Sched: 4am, Butuan Old Bus Terminal
2-3 hours
Fare: 237
*Subject to change without prior notice

🚌 Davao – Surigao
(Just take the bus that goes to Tacloban and drop off at Surigao)
8-10 hours
Fare: 750
*Subject to change without prior notice

✔️Day 1
⛴ Surigao City Port – Dapa Port, Siargao
Sched: 5am and 11am
3 hours boat ride
Fare (via Fortune Angel 2):
350 – Aircon Upstairs (not recommended)
320 – Aircon Downstairs (not recommended)
280 – Non Air (recommended)
+10 – Terminal fee
*Subject to change without prior notice

🏍 Dapa Port – General Luna, Siargao
30-min ride
Fare: 200 (tricycle or habal2x)

🏘 We stayed at Dream Catcher Nipas – best recommended if you like to experience a jungly-kind-of homestay living in a uniquely designed nipa hut. You’ll literally hear the crickets, tweeting birds, and the gush of wind and cold breeze at night. 😊

📍Kermit Resort – dinner and a glass of drinks where you’d get to meet the rest of the tourists on the island. Take note, 90% of the tourists in General Luna are international guests, mostly Europeans. We’ve met a few who came from Italy, England, Sweden, and Germany.

📍Coconut Trees View Deck
📍Sugba Lagoon + the famous cliff jumping
📍Blue Lagoon + snorkelling
📍Magpupungko Tidal Flats swimming + cliff jumping
📍Tayangban Cave Pool swimming + cave exploration

✔️Day 3 – Since there was typhoon when we went there, all ferry boat schedules and flights were cancelled hence, island hopping was cancelled. But take heart, there’s more to visit in Siargao. ☺️
📍Cloud 9
📍Pacifico Beach Resort – recommended for Advanced Surfers
📍Maasin River + the famous Lambitin – you’ll climb up a coconut tree, swing on a rope, then let go of the rope and jump off the river

If there’s no typhoon/LPA, ISLAND HOPPING will push through
🏝Naked Island
🏝Daku Island
🏝Guyam Island
🏝Secret Island

INLAND TOUR PACKAGES (all-in except tip for the driver)
🏍 Habal2x – 1500 for 2pax
🚜 Tricycle – 2k for 4pax
🚙 Multicab – 3k for 13pax
🚐 Van – 4500 for 15pax

🏄🏻‍♂️ ISLAND HOPPING PACKAGE (all-in except tip for the driver) – 1500 for 6pax
🏄🏻‍♀️ ISLAND HOPPING PACKAGE + Sojoton Island (all-in except tip for the driver) – 5000 for 8pax (bangka)

⭐️ Please contact KUYA LOLOY (09501890050) for all your Siargao needs (motor, boat, homestay, rides back and forth from homestay to tourist spots). We got stranded on the island due to the typhoon so we had to look for a place to stay for another night (Dream Catcher Nipas was fully booked at that time). Kuya Loloy was the one who looked for a very affordable room yet clean and comfy near Dapa Port. Such a kind heart to extend an extra mile for us.

⭐️ I don’t have any pasalubong, only stories to tell. And I’ll share them in my next posts/blogs. ☺️

Subtle but bolder. Soft but fiercer. Sweet but wiser. Free-spirited but more intentional. Spontaneous but more cautious. Bolder. Better. On fire.

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