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Someday Is A Fairy Tale

What if Cinderella never left her glassy sandal, will the prince still look for her and marry her? What if Shrek was handsome and perfect, will Princess Fiona still love him more than ever? What if Beauty was never that beautiful, will their love story with the Beast continue? What if all of these did happen, will they still have ‘happily ever after’ endings?

I watched the Cinderella movie, my all time loved fairy tale when these questions captured my mind. It’s quite ironic to entertain these senseless ideas but whatever the answers are, only one thing is for certain – their stories will never be the same again.

It then made me think that “what ifs” in real life are not really that senseless.

Have you been in that moment where you looked back in the past and after a few rewinds, you whispered, “What if I did it? What if I did that?” Too late when we realize that we can never turn back time and the chance of doing it has already slipped away.

Sometimes, what stops us from doing something today is the idea that we can still do it tomorrow or someday. We usually say, “Someday, I’ll tell her I love her. Someday, I’ll go home and visit my family. Someday, I’ll tell my parents how much I love them. Someday, I’ll go to my friend’s house and pay him a visit. Someday, I will tell the world what I have in mind and speak up what I think is right. Someday… someday…”

Yet, we don’t realize that time flies so fast and we’re already running out of time waiting for that someday to come.

We spend our days waiting for the right time to express our feelings for the person we love. Perhaps, one of the reasons is the fear of rejection. And because of that fear which is ahead of us, we always end up not being able to express our feelings at all. We usually think that we would have enough courage someday to tell the person how we really feel. However, as the saying goes, “Never trust time to decide for you. Yes, it’s proven that time is the best decision-maker. But sometimes, time makes its decision a little bit too late.”

Instead of letting time to decide, why don’t we let God decide and write our love story? This goes specifically to the guys. Ask God for clear directions whether you need to pursue the girl or not. And if He gives you the go signal, then you should obey and do it leaving all the results to Him. At the end of the day, it’s not her ‘yes’ that matters, but your intimacy and obedience to God. If you get a no, then perhaps, your God’s Best is still on her way. You just have to wait and pray that you will be ready when she comes.

Here goes another saying I’ve read. “The importance of something is seen when it’s done. The worth of someone is realized when he’s gone. For it will always be a mystery that we realize the essence when it’s already a memory.” When was the last time we said “I love you” to our parents? How about saying “thank you” to our friends and loved ones? Have we already visited a friend or relative who is sick? Did we already ask for forgiveness to those we have wronged? And forgive those who caused us hurt and pain?

When are we going to move? When are we going to speak up? Are we going to wait for someday again?

The word “someday” has now become a fantasy, something that never really happens in reality.

Today is real. And now is the best time to act. Express what you feel. Don’t be timid to say “thank you” to those who deserve it. Say “I love you” to the people you truly love. Give them a hug. Paint a kiss on the cheeks of your loved ones. Don’t forget old friends. Remember the old times. Grab every chance you have to discover new things. Don’t pass up an opportunity to be happy. Don’t postpone your vacation. Enjoy yourself. Have fun.

And most of all, learn to say “sorry” and forgive genuinely. Someone once said that one of the most lasting pleasures we can experience is the feeling that comes over when we genuinely forgive an enemy – whether he knows it or not.

The time is now. The only thing that matters is right now. Move. Say it. Let me add a text message I received from a friend. It says, “Every tic tacs of a clock corresponds to an action. When it tics, something is done. When it tacs, I hope we don’t regret what happened in the tics.”

A popular writer named Mark Twain also quoted, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

So, don’t waste time. Make every moment count. And your time starts now.

Ardys Gladden is a leadership and management business professional who loves to travel and write. This site is a library of stories from her life experiences that contain joys and tears, triumphs and lessons, and anything that you can definitely relate to and/or learn from. Stories of hope and love, her imperfections and God's grace.

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