The Dauntless Traveler Goes to the Mountains of Mountain Province, Philippines

From someone who had lived in the province during childhood days, seeing hills and mountains are not new to me. I once thought as a child that nature only has the same face wherever you go. But lo and behold! There is just so much more I have yet to see.

I converted my lovely experience from this trip into words and I am beyond grateful that this travel article has been published by Travelista Club, an international travel website. This time, I featured the Mountain Province in the Cordillera Region. I am happy to be an ambassador of showing the world that it’s indeed more fun in the Philippines. Let’s help promote tourism that the beauty of our country continues to be known in the whole wide world.

My Dauntless Travel in the Mountain Province is in this article:

Feature image credit: ? Vincci Ross Villanueva

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