The Sinner’s Cry

Where am I?
Did I lose sight?
Or did I just lose the light?
This place is dark,
The quietness of the night
Breaks my heart.
Where am I?
I seem to be alone
In this desolate place
I’d call Unknown.
The sound of silence
Is too bizarre,
Not even a whisper
Or a shout from afar
That would tell me a sign
If this is a place
Where I could wine and dine.
But no!
This unknown place
Is full of darkness
And an atmosphere of menace.
What happened to me?
What have I done?
Why am I here?
I just want to run.
But it dawned upon me
Where it all began.
And I remember
I’ve been in this place,
That familiar sound
Of lonesome quietness
That heart-breaking cry
Of hopelessness.
Why do I keep coming back?
Where is the light I used to have?
Why do I do the things
I hate to do?
And don’t I do the things
I ought to do?
Yes, I see the light
Every step of the way,
But darkness seems to grab me
Every single day.
There are times
When I win the battle,
But many times, I fail.
Despite of it all,
My Lord, My God,
Your hand never failed
To take me back on track.
The fight isn’t over.
I still stumble and fall,
Keep going back to the darkness
Where I used to crawl.
I failed again. Again, and again.
Though my soul longs for the light
My flesh wants the dark.
I fight it with all my might
But I never won
Not even a slight.
Oh Lord,
Where are You?
How can I escape?
What do I do?
Please oh God,
Take me out of the dark
And don’t allow the enemy
To put me back.
Change my heart
And make it new.
Help me, Jesus
To be more like You.

Written: October 26, 2015 | 8:00PM

This is a poem of a person’s desperate cry to overcome the sin with the Lord’s power and might. Because she realized she can’t do it alone with her own strength. Only God has the power to break the chains and bondage of sins. – the author



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