Would You Stay With Friends in the Rain?

An old saying had convinced us that friendship is tested in times of trouble. Indeed, it’s true and I won’t argue. But how about in times of not-really-a-trouble but a bit inconvenient situation like a heavy rain? Whose friends would be willing to meet with you and get soaked in the rain, just to have fellowship and listen to your cries and drama?

Just recently, I have had the privilege to hang out with my new girl group at work and we had breakfast at R and J in Boni. It was raining hard thus difficult to commute, but it appeared that we were all up for some kind of an adventure. It was after shift on the last day of our tough workweek (because we’ve been prepping for our upcoming event) and we knew we just badly needed a time off. So, off we went, in an instant!

Having breakfast with friends may be an ordinary event for some, but for me, this ordinary get together taught me critical learning points that I don’t get to notice during ordinary busy days. I guess it’s true, that only when you pause for a moment you get to see things clearly as they pass by. And by God’s grace, I’m happy that I did take a pause.

Learning Points:

  1. Friendship knows no time. Since all of us do site visits (Shaw-Makati-KPT-ATC), we don’t get to see each other every day. We would even need to plan in advance as to who will be in which site just so we can meet and catch up. We don’t touch base every day, but when we do, our catch-up session becomes a Strat Plan. Stories are just never ending we need to have an overnight session every time. And until now, I’m still in awe of how I met these lovely girls in the office that we immediately clicked as early as Day 1. Friendship, indeed, doesn’t require years to be built.
  2. Open rebuke with grace and love is our language. Proverbs 27:5 says, “Better is open rebuke than love that is hidden.” In the office, each of us looks like we’re not going through anything, taking things light and easy. Yet, when we had breakfast, we discovered each of us has her own struggles to share. When someone confesses that she’s not doing what she’s supposed to do, the rest of us would be in processing mode using Socratic approach and will never stop until she commits to obey. And that’s the beauty of friendship – friends guide you to the right path rather than let you go astray. No judgment. Just pure compassion.
  3. You can hang out and have a great time without getting drunk. This is the biggest takeaway that Mikay (one of the girls) had during our breakfast. And I couldn’t agree more. (Although it wouldn’t hurt if we take a sip of red wine in the next session. ?)
  4. You never leave empty. And by that, I meant not empty in knowledge and learning. Every time we share (as all of us always have an airtime), we always answer the question “What are you learning?”. By doing so, the rest of us get to learn from each other’s experiences. Here are a few:

                “Just because the person did not have a good response the first time you talked doesn’t mean he/she would respond the same way the next time. Always have an open mind and not label them for who or what they did before.” – Katarina

                “In the midst of chaos, only the Lord can give you peace and calm your heart. That even when things did not go the way as planned, you know that God meant good for you.” – Russell

                “Things are difficult and I’m getting exhausted, but I’m taking each step a challenge. When all of these are done, I know I’d acquire skills and character that I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for this.” – Mikay

                “I prayed for love but the Lord broke my heart. And I wept. But in my brokenness, the Lord made me whole.” – Ardys

Who would have thought that the first downpour of the rainy season would bring us all together in a place where we can build a kind of friendship like no other?

To more years of drama, laughter and tears, timeless stories of successes and fears – cheers to all of our friends, both old and new.

Subtle but bolder. Soft but fiercer. Sweet but wiser. Free-spirited but more intentional. Spontaneous but more cautious. Bolder. Better. On fire.

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