Why Dauntless Kerusso?

The enigma ends here for the curious minds who want to discover what lies behind the making of this blog’s title.

Dauntless, as defined by Merriam-Webster, means courageous; very brave; bold; fearless; lionhearted.

Kerusso (kay-roos-so) is a Greek word for a herald or messenger, which means to preach or proclaim.

Therefore, Dauntless Kerusso means a courageous messenger.

In the ancient times, a messenger is tasked to deliver news or information to the people via scroll, may it be a decree or an instruction from the king. His job is only to announce the message, not to explain, not even to defend the king’s words.

Today, a messenger has become a job that has many descriptions. He delivers the message yet sometimes, the message is being twisted, either by adding some untruthful details or by omitting some crucial points. Oftentimes, a messenger would also tend to engage in a word fight either to defend the message because he agrees with it or discounts it to express his disagreement. Nevertheless, the main job of the messenger still stands the same – that is to Send A Message.

However, the moment of truth is not how the message is being delivered, but what is the message being delivered. If you were to be a messenger, what kind of message would you like to send?

This question has become my inspiration in creating this blog. I want to send a message of hope to those who are hanging by a thread and about to give up. A message of comfort and encouragement to those who have been disheartened. A message of love and compassion for whose hearts have been broken. A message of grace and forgiveness for those who feel completely wretched. A message of mercy for prisoners of hurts and pain. A message that talks about the One who can only save – Jesus.

I don’t have the power to mend a broken heart or heal someone’s illness. My words have no magic to restore lost joy and broken relationships. But I can share with you how my brokenness was healed and how my emptiness was filled. I want you to experience the fullness of joy that I am experiencing as you get to know more about the one true source – the Lord, my God.

Over the years, this blog has evolved into expanding various topics that tackle different aspects of life such as work, leadership and mentoring, travel stories and leisure times, personal issues, and opinions on certain books/movies/food. However, these writings have been created and shared in the light of Scripture and from a perspective of a follower of Christ. I have always believed that being a Christ-follower doesn’t only end in the four corners of a church building, but all the more should be made evident in the world outside.

This kind of message, however, is not easy to deliver. Some people may raise their eyebrows or may even strongly contradict as they go through my writings. The world will surely hate me as I may not always agree with the perspective of many. But just like how the Apostles responded to that hostile situation during the birth of the early church – they did not pray that the persecution would stop or that the situation would change and people would listen and believe. What they prayed was that the Lord will make them even bolder in proclaiming the gospel even when it meant death for them. And this is then, what Dauntless Kerusso is all about.

It has always been my heart’s desire to be bolder, fiercer, and always on fire for the great commission. This is truly not a smooth journey. It takes a broken heart, a wounded knee, shedding of blood and tears, and a poor soul to get the job done. But there is a promise that the One who started the work in me will be faithful to complete it. And I pray that the Lord will sustain me, calm my heart, and strengthen my soul. The same prayer that I’d like to echo to those who are reading this that we may all finish the race well.

As fearless as Paul. As dauntless as Joshua. As faithful as Abraham and David. And the list goes on. May this blog serve as a loud voice from a Dauntless Kerusso that wins people for God and not an argument; leading people to God and not to me, the author.

There was once a man who asked me, “The world out there is very dangerous, filled with wolves in a sheep’s clothing. But will you go anyway?”

I guess you know now what I answered.

Subtle but bolder. Soft but fiercer. Sweet but wiser. Free-spirited but more intentional. Spontaneous but more cautious. Bolder. Better. On fire.

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